Our Practice

Our patients choose us for many good reasons and we will try to name some of them:

    • We are friendly and like to answer your questions. Are you not certain what "root canal" means or what is the nature of the procedure? Don’t understand why gum disease can cost you your teeth but it does not cause much discomfort? Not sure how your insurance plan works? No problem! Give us a call at (703) 417-9622 or ask the doctor while you are sitting in the chair.


    • No financial surprises or worries. Our patient treatment coordinator will explain to you how your insurance works and provide you with as much accurate estimate of your treatment plan as possible. We will work with your insurance to collect their portion on your behalf.


    • We are paperless. Whether you just like the convenience of electronic records, the concept of saving trees on our planet, or simply want to fill out paperwork from your home computer - that is all possible because of paperlessness.


    • Minimal waiting time. We strive to have "zero waiting time" policy and 99% of the times you will not spend more than a few minutes in our waiting area.


    • Pleasant experience in treatment room. All our rooms are equipped with LED lit TV’s for your entertainment and comfort.


    • Low exposure digital X-Rays. By using digital sensors (as opposed to conventional films) we significantly lower X-Ray exposure to you.


    • Patient education. We will show you the condition of your teeth on a screen right in front of you. It’s like seeing a photograph of the inside of your tooth (x-ray) or just a photograph of your tooth (intra-oral camera). Use your imagination no more?


  • Emergencies. We will do our best to see you the same day if something unexpected happened. Just give us a call at (703) 417-9622


People make their first impression of you by looking at your smile. At Your Family Dentist we will make certain that your mouth is healthy and your smile is beautiful.