Cosmetic dentures cost to patient

The cost of the denture can be very efficient considering the scope of the problems the dentures help to solve.
Traditional full and partial dentures are known to be as inexpensive as less than $2,000. Think of it, it's less than a cost of the white filling for each tooth that the full denture holds.
The implant supported options are not that much more expensive, but the implants come at extra cost. A full implant supported locator overdenture which is considered as a standard of care as an option to replace all missing teeth on the lower jaw, is going to cost you as low as the $5,000 on your walk-out.
The hybrid dentures that are based on milled bars, such as bar overdentures and all-on-four, usually provide the patients with most of the comfort and possibility to get all the teeth replaced in one visit. The cost of such dentures could be as low as $15,000 or as high as $25,000 - $30,000 per arch, depends on where you live and what else is involved in the case. Here, in Falls Church, Alexandria and Arlington, Northern Virginia, the average cost of the hybrid or all-on-four type denture would be $20,000 which will give you 5-6 implants, retaining abutments, transitional denture converted to your temporaries and final hybrid denture.