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Every day tens of thousands of Americans make their decisions to get a confidence of their smiles and comfort when eating by switching to the partial and full dentures. They do it to never look back. The modern dentures may have different designs, but all of them are lightweight appliances, that are capable of simulating a wide variety of teeth shape and color, as well as artificial gum tissue appearance. The studies show that approximately 90% of the edentulous Americans wear dentures. The word "edentulous" means "missing teeth". And the number of people who are edentulous is close to 35 million. Tooth loss is very common disease. Approximately 180 million adults are missing one or more teeth due to the gum disease or caries. People without most of their teeth are advised to get full or partial dentures to prevent negative health changes due to malnutrition and keep their attractive smiles.

What makes the denture different from other appliances, such as dental implants and bridges? The dentures allow for a chewing force to be distributed over soft tissues instead of directly to the bone. The denture is a solution for many if not all the long-lasting dental problems that fit in most people budget. This is one of the two biggest advantages of the dentures over other appliances. Whether the denture replaces one or all 16 teeth in your mouth you may count on the denture price being the same. The other huge advantage of the full denture it's its aesthetic appearance. Remember fighting that battle over getting the smile you wanted with the cost of orthodontic treatment or cosmetic crowns and porcelain veneers over and over? Dwell on it no more! Your new cosmetic full denture just won this battle for you at a fraction of the cost!

The difference between distributing force through soft tissues as compared to passing directly to the bone needs to be explained in more details. Generally speaking, the only tissue in a human body that is designed to accept chewing forces is the one that no one can see with their eyes. It's the bone. The bone is always covered with the gingiva or gum tissue. When we have teeth - they emerge through the gum. When the teeth are lost - the gum covers the tooth space. This is why we never see the bone. Ideally, we always want to transmit the force to the bone through something rigid and strong, capable of tackling a great load of force. The structure like a tooth. When we are biting on the teeth, we load a bone and the gum is not affected. In the case one or two teeth are missing, we can try to re-distribute the force between the adjacent teeth which will effectively increase the load on them. Alternatively, we can use implants if we don't want to touch the neighboring teeth. This would be the best approach.

But what happens when the remaining teeth are too few to accept the force that belongs to the missing teeth, and the implant option is not too affordable? We do not want to overload the remaining healthy teeth if we want to keep them. This is when we start looking at the gum as a base for our new teeth. The gum is a soft and thick tissue, not ideal for transmitting the force, but it is abundant. So we cover it as wide as we can and now the force is distributed over a wide area and makes it possible for you to eat with the denture. A very similar concept to the skiing on the powder somewhere in Tahoe - the wider the ski is - the heavier skier we can put on it. Your full denture is the ski and your new beautiful teeth on it are the skiers! Here in Falls Church, Alexandria and Arlington, we don't get much of the powder snow, like they do on a west coast, however, your cosmetic full denture is still the skillful skier!

There is another thing, that your full denture done at Your Family Dentist in Falls Church will be doing, something that none of the skiers on the West Coast can do. It's going to stick to the surface, upside down and stay there with all the confidence, against all gravity and pulling forces.

In the partial denture, the concept is the same, except that we rest the denture on the teeth and on the gum at the same time. This helps to minimize the coverage of the area rich with taste buds - the receptors that make you feel food temperature and taste.

The dentures are very versatile restorative option for multiple missing teeth and could as simple as described above, as well as have a very advanced design, fitted over ERA implant abutments (implant overdentures), fitted over the bar, that is fitted to your teeth or implant (a bar overdenture) or simply screwed permanently into the 5-6 implants (so-called hybrid dentures or all-on-four, all-on-five or all-on-six).

While missing multiple teeth is never thought to be something to look forward to, it has one undoubtfully positive moment. Lack of the space constraints, which often is the case when the dentist is creating a beautiful smile for the patient. Not only do the removable dentures allow for a cosmetic teeth setup, it also allows for a drastic change in appearance when it's desirable. You can now get teeth as white as you want without your own dark ones giving out the truth (or what used to be the truth). Rounded corners to make the smile look younger? Yes, we can! Make the upper ones a bit longer on the top, the bottom ones not so much, just like your prom photo taken 30 years ago? Yes, we can! Leave that little diastema, that makes the character of your smile? Make the gum more pink than dark? Imprint a sickle and hammer on each tooth? Yes, yes and yes, we can! Anything that looks attractive to you. Maybe not so much the sickle and hammer thing, but you got the idea.

The cost of the dentures can greatly vary based on the other treatment involved in getting it ready for the dentures.

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