Dental Implants

Let's say you recently faced making a tough decision on that tooth that has been an issue for you for some time and eventually you had to extract that tooth or you are looking to extract it soon. Maybe the consequences of the gum disease have put their toll on several of your teeth or you experienced a trauma and the tooth (teeth) got cracked. The biggest issue besides the fear of the actual extraction procedure for you is "what is going to happen after that?" As your dentist probably suggested, you should look into restoring that tooth is a very timely fashion to avoid inevitable chewing problems, speech and cosmetic issues and restorative problems due to shifting of the adjacent teeth. It is much easier and much less expensive to prevent the problem than to deal with it when it's fully developed and affected something else.

Dental crowns

If you are reading this page the chances are that you already had a dental examination and were told by your dentist that your tooth or teeth need a crown coverage. The crown is a custom made non-removable appliance that covers your tooth from all the sides like a cap, looks like a tooth and acts like a tooth.

Your tooth may need a crown if you have a large cavity in it that leaves very thin remaining tooth walls. Even if such cavity has been successfully filled in the past and the tooth is not sensitive, the risk of the tooth fracture still exists until the tooth structure is not supported from outside of the tooth. It is common to cover the teeth with crowns after the root canal treatment because such tooth would become weaker without a blood supply and would require an extra support.

Teeth Whitening

When someone meets a new person, it takes only several brief moments to create an impression of the person and that impression is giong to last for a very long time. This works on a subconscious level and we are not necessarily able to understand it, but all of the sudden we may feel attracted or distracted to our new aquitance without no good explanation! This is because our first impression of the person is affected by many tiny invisible details. Such as the way that person dresses and behaves, that person's manners, confidence, speech and smile. If this chance is missed then the person may never have another opportunity to make a good impression. This is why we all want to look good and not just good - we want to look our best, always!

Gum Disease Treatment

"Healthy gums don't bleed" - this is very effective approach on looking at the issue. Gums disease most of the time goes unnoticed, because it does not create any significant pain to the teeth or the gums themselves. Gum disease (or periodontitis) is a chronic inflammation in a space that surrounds the tooth attachment to the bone and the gum itself. This inflammation is usually caused by bacteria found in the dental plaque.